Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Forest, the Trees, the entire state, planted on a Quagmire

   Today the Arkansas Congressional Elect overturned the Governor's Veto of their poorly thought (if thought beyond control of women even entered into it) out 12 week abortion ban bill. Arkansas now has the strictest abortion laws in the country. Why wasn't legislation such as this brought to the people? This is beyond dictatorial. It is elitist bureaucracy that is single minded.  It is a BULLY  BILL. And it will do nothing that its High Moralistic Title will lead you to believe.
 1) It won't stop abortions. It will simply stop the protection of the the "medical procedure" that they were covered under prior to this law and slide them into back ally, underground "shops".
2) What are the penalties?  Do you throw a woman in jail for terminating a pregnancy? Or do you fine her? What exactly ARE the penalties?
3)  These legislatures that seem so very intent on protecting a fetus, magically forget the rights of the fetus once it becomes a PERSON.  Case in point...This Bill. 
     - the fact that you can receive a longer sentence in jail for harming a DOG than raping a 4MONTH (yes 4 MONTH) Old child. 10 years for the former, 4 years for the latter with no extenuating responsibility for the internal harm done to the child.
    - the fact that our Foster care system discards a person at the age of 18, as if 18 is a magical number and the Arkansas Educational system is so very intense and complete as to provide that person with the skills, back ground and resources to go forward supportless there on.
   - the Arkansas Juvenile Detention Center, where children are abused, neglected and turn out worse than they went in (or dead).
4) In order to stop the "need" for abortion, then education is key. Teach people about why being sexually responsible is important. Why abortion isn't birth control. Why respecting each other is valuable. Why abstinence may very well be the best choice.  But if you choose not to abstain, these are your risks. These are the consequences.  Do not take these lightly.  Seriously it may take time, but truly education and a moral / ethical/ oh-sex with the wrong person could kill me or at the wrong time could give me a baby I'm not ready for mindset to where people THINK first rather than live for the moment is the answer, Not horrific legislation that sends us back to the dark ages, giving other people control over another person's body and then totally disregarding the product of that legislation once it leaves the body they fought to keep it inside of.

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