Friday, April 2, 2010


  It's Easter. For me, it's resolution time. I don't generally make resolutions at the new year. The new year is generally full of Christmas returns, paying off  Christmas bills, eating Christmas left overs; so well Christmas.  Plus there is taking down the decorations and getting the house back in order.  The same goes for the office and end of the year reports, filing and retention packing.  WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON. 
  So for me, Easter is my time of renewal.  A time to reflect on what to give up, to take up, to shrug off and to slip on.  What to put away and what to put on.  Who to quit being and who to try to be.  Renew, reflect, redefine.  So as a part of that directive I've decided to list somethings I have a hard time with.  Some involve my dealings with myself, some with other people, and some with the general unalterable swing of the universe.  But maybe once they are out there, I'll find a peace just because it's been said.

1. I can't stand it when babies or children are used as pawns in peoples disputes. Don't hurt the kids.

2. I think it is appauling that a person can go to jail and face a larger fine for beating a dog than for raping a 4month old child.

3. I wanna scream when I hear people who have no plan to help the situation, degrade a system (like foster care) for not doing something about a situation they simply don't want to have to look at (like homeless kids).

4. I find it heartbreaking that we are allowing cruel people (in the name of morality) keep family members from adopting or fostering children if those family members happen to be co-habitating or admit to being of an alternative lifestyle.

5. I am sickened to find that most people I come across now adays think that being a Christian means you are a lying, snatching, rights reducing, moneygrubbing, self-focused, bigot who wouldn't know what love, grace and compassion meant if Jesus stood over you and poured it down your throat.

6. I don't appreciate one sided friendships.

7. I really hate being ignored, feeling like I'm being ignored or like I'm last in line.

8. I hate being undervalued. I don't have a degree, but I have a DAMN lot of experience and a very good brain.  TRY ME OUT. If I don't work out, OK we will both know, but don't overlook my EXPERIENCE, for a kid who just got out of class and has no idea how things work AND who expects a TROPHY just for showing up to WORK!!!!

9. I don't care who you sleep with, what color you are or if you wear a skirt or trousers.  Can you do the job?  Will you do the job? Well? and Correctly? Then you should be hired and given a GOOD SALARY.

10. I cannot stand people who badmouth, order around or use cutting remarks about/to their spouse in public ( i don't like it much in private either).  That is NOT acceptable behavior EVER. Get over yourself. Nobody wants to hear it.