Sunday, January 27, 2013

Its all relative.

So, ya meet someone "famous" who you didn't know was "famous" so knowing them is just knowing them for them and the "fame" is like secondary or just whatever. Cause they aren't douchey about it or shitheaded.
So you meet someone you didn't know so knowing them is just knowing them for them. TADAH.
Yep. Perfect.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Meeting for the first time
In person.
Recognizing one another
Somehow, so familiar.
By the chemical flame
Kindled by this recognition
By the distracting
Intoxication of this new joy

Thursday, January 24, 2013


so today at work.....
   We had to explain to a grown woman that her dog (she found ), which is a female, would menstruate when in heat and what that would entail. She (the woman- not the dog) went into spasmodic fits , "OH, OH NO, Y'all are kidding me! Are y'all kidding me?" No, your dog is a mammal. Mammals have menses. They have to ovulate (and that will be when she is in heat).."They OVULATE? She does that too?" Yes..she is a mammal. The egg and the sperm work the same way in all mammals. "OMG! Are you serious! I didn't know any of this what are you trying to tell me?" 
  < big sigh >    When a man and a woman love each other.....