Friday, September 19, 2014

Tin Roof Rusty

  Its been a LONG time since I've blogged...
    so like the title implies ... I'm a bit rusty.
But I need to pull the pen out and journal, so to speak.
So here I am.
Lots of things are happening in my world.
New job. Buying a home. New people in my life.
Good changes.
Change is good.
I'm happy and finding my niche in where I am.
But my gypsy side is itching for the apple cart to topple.
It always does.
this year , this next year is and will be devoted to learning new things
and accomplishing /completing unfinished projects.
Number one on the list: my novel
and publishing my poetry.
Then maybe all those myriad of half finished crochet projects. HA.
I'm going to re-learn French.
Explore something I've always been interested in (but that is just for me).
Get my passport.
And start the herb garden of my dreams.
OH... and blog everyday.
    See y'all tomorrow.

Saturday, November 2, 2013



breathe upon me--
your obsessive creature;
your dutiful servant--
forever at your feet.

even as you may rip my heart to bits
i still sit at your feet,
 puzzling over the pieces::
to recreate the gift; 
to present the heart to you 



Saturday, May 11, 2013

emotional hostage
a Gulliver held
 by the Lilliputian lines and phrases
of another's desperation;
scrambled affection;
urgent pleas of validation;
token compliments.
cast adrift in the sea
of self pity and abasement
in which one is the only life preserver.
yet terrified of causing the tsunami of turmoil
that could cause another soul to drown
by shades of what if and what where
of crystals gone dark
of lives unlived
of time past by
unrelenting limbo
of cries of freedom
of voices unheard
of fear to act or not.
-ejv 2013