Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Priest, a Lawyer and a Buddhist walk into...

    So, browsing through some quotes the other day by Thomas More- and later by HHDL (the Dalai Lama)- I was struck by the similarity of the philosophy behind the words.  Also within this similar vein is the philosophy of Erasmus of Rotterdam (an English Priest also living at the time of Thomas More, and also pressed into service by Henry VIII like More as well).   
   Anyway, I am intrigued.  Interested as to the parallels of these 16th century philosophers and this 21st century Dalai Lama.  Interested enough to consider it a worthwhile endeavor to study. Perhaps to even write more than a few blog entries about. 
All three point to a number of basic, fundamental truths (and I use the word fundamental as in "foundational", not as in "fundi" ala christian strain) of love, respect, giving, generosity, positivity, tolerance and grace.   Interesting.
  I'll keep you "posted".

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