Friday, June 4, 2010

Sometimes the Clothes Do Not Make the Man

I was informed last night that the mom of a friend of the clones stated, upon seeing me in my goth dudes (Black Tank,Orange Gauze skirt,Black Sandals), that I must be a Pagan. Really?
I could start down a VERY interesting path regarding attire identifying individuals moral and spiritual compass'; but those who would "get it" are probably already halfway down the tunnel with me, and those that wouldn't are in the group that think a woman asks to be raped by wearing a short skirt.

Done Now.


  1. I suspect I'm one of those you mention who's already down the path with you. LOL -- I'd have taken this as a compliment, but then I'm well- versed in paganism and its beliefs/practices. However, since you don't observe that belief system, I can see why maybe you were offended. AND more importantly, your point is spot-on and demonstrates critical thinking: you take an obtuse view and test it for veracity and find it lacking (i.e., that appearances dictate, therefore the girl in the short skirt asks for violent treatment). I wish more people would question themselves before they begin questioning others.

  2. Actually, being of Celtic decent, I'm sure my ancestor's ghosts are quite flattered. And I wasn't offended by being called a Pagan; but more rather that she assumed by my attire that I was.
    Next would be for us to assume that every man who wears a cleric collar is a child molester or that every person who wears a hijab, burka or turban is a terrorist. It becomes utterly assicine.

  3. Totally agree... Cloths are just a covering for some & a form of expression for others... But who are we to know which is which? How can we look into the heart? That's why we're instructed not to judge...we can't! I may be wearing black because I'm depressed OR because nothing else was the heck do you know? Last week I wore a transparent blouse w/a camisole underneath...BUT I also forgot my new bra was bright pink...& showed through w/a vengence! I'll bet people looked at my bright pink bra showing conspicuously through my blouse & judged me to be a .....(fill in the blank) when in fact I simplly forgot the color of my new bra!

  4. Oh my. Well, everyone, at least once in their lives have had a underpinning fauxpas. Like wearing printed panties under white pants. That happens a lot at the office. :-)
    But you're right. Unfortunatly, regardless of the truths above, we still have to raise our daughters counter to it, in order to save them from harrassment, embarrasment and sometimes worse.


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