Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please don't follow me, I run into walls...

     I honestly cannot even begin to express how horrorfied I become when someone says they need or want to be more like me. REALLY, you DON'T know what you're saying. I am a huge mess and I'm either hiding it really well or you just aren't looking at the right angle.
    Thankfully, providence has provided me with an insider. Someone brave enough, patient enough (this is a miracle in itself), and honest enough to call me out on the perverbial (and sometimes literal) carpet regarding my haphazard ways. Ok, so I don't drink to excess, I don't do drugs, I don't power shop... so what do I do that is so very dangerous. Well, I rescue people. I put myself in dangerous situations and rescue those who really need to learn to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and do for themselves.
   Sometimes the rescueing is as simple as taking on an extra task at work. That may not seem dangerous at all. Not at first. But once you've said yes to a few others, your work load increases; you are outside your job description; you are basically working for free; and suddenly the folks who handed off their work to you are getting promoted for outstanding work performance and you are getting written up because you are lagging behind and missing deadlines.
  So, I'm gonna learn to work within MY box.  Stay on MY side of the desk and let everyone else work their own little world.  I will gladly be an ear, but I will not fret over what I can do to save someone from their circumstances, until I have sufficiently saved myself (and my clone) from myown.  See, this is the "healthy selfishness" I had been talking about last year.  Learning to say no for a reason. Learning to say no, because I have already said yes to other things, and it is OK.
  Now if I can just wrap my brain around some of the other wisdom I've been presented with, there is no telling what kind of wonders you'll see posted here in the future.
  Until next time,
this is Dramarella- signing off.....

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