Friday, July 2, 2010

My Bucket List

 Just a few things I really wanna do before I kick it. (The bucket that is....)

1. Shakespeare...on stage... for a long run.(Preferably a lead).

2. Write, Produce, Direct and maybe cameo... in the stage production of my very favorite story of all time.

3. Visit Europe.

4. Spend an OBSCENLY long amount of time in Tuscany.

5. Visit Egypt and participate in a dig.

6. Go to Kenya and help set up Occupational Training Centers.

7. Work as an Interpretor at Historic Williamsburg.

8. Visit Greece.

9. Get a History Degree.

10. Write a book.

11.  Never GROW up.


  1. Well, you'ave at least got 11 nailed. ;)

    Get to hacking at that list, sister! On one of my planned jaunts to Greece and Italy, I shall include you in the plannings. And you will go. So get that passport *now.*

  2. Hahahahha.

    Ok. I'm getting the passport.

  3. Teach my daughter manners.... (this one will be everlasting thus has no number.)


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