Thursday, February 24, 2011

ToWit Tonuttin'honey

  writing. Why does most of my best "writing" happen when I'm not actually "writing"? To wit: in the shower, in the car, at work during the middle of a time sensitive project, while sleeping....,. So basically, right now I have a lot of notes. Some physically written down, or typed or cryptically "memoed" on a sticky; others tucked back into my subconscious, hoping to return to the forefront again, at a more opportune and less wet/traffic filled/ currently owned by the man -time.
 If I could get all of these notes down, I'd really be 1/2 way thru this book. And probably a third of the way thru on of the musicals. Hmmmm Procrastination, thou art my Muse. And I would like to exorcise you to the nth degree...
 You see it is almost March and this is only my second blog entry of the year. Not that I haven't had TONS to say. I just haven't said it. I am seriously lacking   Motivation.
 My ex-husband wanted to be a writer (I say wanted- because he still has yet to attempt it). I suggested he get a mini tape recorder and keep it with him for notes when "writing" came upon him and "writing" wasn't  possible. Maybe I should take a little of my own advice.

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