Friday, July 2, 2010

Love ALL... Let God Sort it Out

  OK, so I have friends who are Atheists. I have friends who are Gay. I have friends who are Gay Atheists.  And I love them. All. Very much. I would just as much stand in front of you and tell you that we must support their civic rights to equal rights of partner choices and spiritual/philosophical choices as I would support my Faith-believing friends and my hetero-friends. 
  This has nothing to do with anything other than Love.  If I love you as my friend I must want you to have fair, equality. I may not understand your preferences; but if they do not HARM they cannot be denied. This is a free will society, established (if those of faith will agree, and those not will indulge) by a God at its creation to provide everyone with FREE WILL through Love and Grace.  Everyone is allowed those paths.  Granted every path has its own consequences and circumstances, but it is all FREE WILL.
   So when you see someone, whom you feel you have the right, by your "moral code" to hinder and chain through your resolve, rules and regulations; please first put yourself in that place and strip yourself of everything you are stripping this fellow earth dweller of.  Then ask yourself, "Is this really worth this kind of punishment? " and "What would I do to keep this from happening to me." and finally "Where is the love? "  Ask these things, that is, if you can clear the hate from your throat.


  1. Woo. Well said, Sister Witch. I've asked the same question many times of those who said I deserved to be treated however they'd trampled me, and the best they could do was invoke god and hide behind apoplectic rage. Your good heart shines.

  2. That means the world coming from you. I'm glad I said it well. Love you dearly.

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