Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yardsales: the good, the bad and nuff said

 I love yard sales.  And don't even get me started on Estate Sales.  But I don't like putting ON yard sales.  Oh the hassle.  The organizing, the pricing, the set-up, the lay-out, the straightening after the monster shoppers, the irritation of the barterer who has a $50 suit in their hands that you have priced $15 and they want to know if you'll take $2.00 for it. You say no, and then they inform you that that's all they have budgeted to spend at your sale and the suit is what they want. Too bad, so sad- SEE YA!!! Suit ends up NOT SOLD by the end of the day and donated to the Dorcus House. BUT YOU DID NOT FOLD TO THE MOOCH BARTERER. WIN by 1/2.  Still, I have stuff to get rid of. And the frugal, get everything out of it before you get rid of it penny pincher inside of me just can't STAND to simply put it all in a box and haul it down to the Good Will Office all at once.  MUST TRY TO SELL just ooozes through me over the unwanted items as they pile up in the guest/junk/sewing/gun room of the house. 
My parents suffer from this problem too.  And worst yet, they are horders, packrats and ally pickers.  Stuff comes into the house, never to be used for any foreseen purpose and NEVER LEAVES.  My father, who lives in a metropolitan area mind you and doesn't even garden, owns enough small farming implements to out fit a little Amish Community.  I'm not kidding.
So in an effort to 1.) rid myself of these unwanted yet still useful items and 2.) fulfill the need to gain from their disposal and 3.)perhaps make a small profit I have decided to venture into unfamiliar (at least to me and my family) territory.  The flea-market.  
As I understand it, for  a nominal fee, you rent your stall, fill it with the junk you've priced, and folks shop you and check out with the general establishment owners.  They cut you a check at the end of the month.  You stop by every few days or so to maintain your little inventory, replenish, straighten, etc., and you are good to go.  No 5am yardsale earlybirders, no setting up-taking down, sitting out in the yard all day waiting for folks to come by and leave w/o buying anything.  No bartering Bettys.  Piece OF Cake.  At least I hope so.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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