Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life Cereal

   I need to fix things.  I have this inate need to make things right.  Even when they aren't my responsibility or my own problem, I still work on them (even if its just in my head).  I can't help it and I can't make it stop.  Its as much of who I am as my naturally curly hair.  Or my very loud and obnoxious laugh.  Its just me.
   So being a fixer, I also have become a digger.  I can find an answer to anything.  And that makes me the go to person.  I'm not in charge, but I am your answer girl.  Sometimes it gets kinda annoying, when other "go to people" (by profession) come to you for answers; but whatcha gonna do? You graciously address the issue and then curse them after they leave.  It always happens to me that I become the go to hub. Doesn't matter where I work, what my title is or how high or low I am in the chain.  I've even tried to be low key, and not show my "hand".  Doesn't work.  Somehow, someway someone will catch on and then its out.
   I'm not complaining.  I like feeling needed.  I love challenges.  I love working out problems.  But it can get me into situations where I am working outside of my job description (what a joke- I don't even know what those things are anymore), my job grade/pay quartile, and can result in 1.) my having projects that require more authority than my position allots; 2.) producing work which I am not sufficiently compensated and which does not earn me sufficient increase (tho deserved) at review time 3.)but earns me much in brownie points as a team player (ugg) as it aptly benefits the organization.  
   I'd hold my breath for that gift of a salary/position for all my hard work, but I have a 16 year old to raise.  TAH.

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