Monday, March 1, 2010


Warning: Aunt Flo Discussion- Run Boys if you can't handle it.  
Ok, I've had it.
Who in the holy F*** decided that "Have a Happy Period" was a good freakin' ad campaign?  I mean is this REALLY selling Always Products? Cause frankly, it makes me determined NOT to purchase their products. I'd rather buy the store brand and have to use TWICE as many than to support, "Have a Happy Period."
I could go into a long, disgusting diatribe as to WHY having the equivilant of an
oozing wound between your legs for a week would not constitute a happy occaison, but I won't.  But I am SERIOUSLY tired of hearing that catch phrase on commercials. Seriously. Try another angle.  I still won't buy your products, but I
probably won't feel inclined to publicly slam you either.
Your choice.

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