Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slight of Heart

Heartache by any other name sucks just as bad. I seem to be getting a lions share of it.
That, or I just tripped into this Clusterfuck of Grief. It is wearing me down and turning me into a paranoid, mean and vindictive individual I don't recognize. Maybe if I purge it here, I can leave off the demon.

Bad Heartache Poetry Alert:
Away,Away the past has gone-
Too old and dead to know.
Away,Away for oh, so long-
The new forgets the old.

Away,Away goes today-
Into yesterday’s guise.
Away,Away it cannot stay-
For tomorrow is today’s demise.

Away,Away has the future fled-
It has no light to see.
Away, Away. Tis all but dead.
The world has ceased to be.
Melancholy’s Cadence

Oh, Depression, I am indeed your child-
And you know how to use me well.
Indeed, though my heart and mind court joy
You easily trip us into hell.

Since the earliest days of my beginning-
You have made your presence known-
Like an instrument of your creating
You have played me to your song.

Anxiety has been my playmate-
Long - I’ve known her dizzying spell.
And discontent I often taste
In spite of things gone well.

Oh, Depression, cruel mistress you are
Please leave me to my own devices.
For the edge is near and the bottom far-
Thus through your aid death entices.
Just Waiting

When you left tonight I wondered
If this would be the night you’d tell her.
I sat up, waiting for your call,
Waiting for it all-
Waiting for the knock at the door
Waiting, waiting, waiting for…

This secret life to be something more.
To be the one you’re living for.

What made you come to me anyway?
Makes you go to her? Makes you stay?
There are lies here that I cannot see-
Past your promises and my dreams.
So I stay waiting- here, and you keep staying there-
Waiting, waiting, waiting for…

Just waiting.
Nothing more.

You were warned.


  1. Hey! Good for you, posting your poetry here! Are these recent writings or older ones? In my own poetry book, all my poems are dated. I learned way back that I got bummed when I couldn't assign a place on the timeline to a particular entry.

    I always find it notable, the words people choose. For me, each one has a point and a purpose. Like your "Melancholy's Cadence:" melancholy as possessive. Cadence as a somewhat military word. Fascinating.

  2. A mixture of both. I use the word "cadence" rather than "sonnet" for many of my dirges, as mine don't fit the pantameter for a sonnet, but the spirit is there.


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