Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scene #300 Take #8

Blah. I feel blah and I just can't seem to find a way out of it. Thought it was all about last weeks never ending downpour- which seemed to contribute to everyone else having a crappy mood and such, so on...trickle down factor. Well, HELLO SUNSHINE and I'm still blah.
I feel like warmed over pond scum drizzled over four day old dogdoo. Really. Have no idea why and I really hate it. Totally puts a kebash on any "productivity" plans I may have had in the works. I just end up sitting and staring and doing NOTHING. And do I care. NOPE. Not until a few days later when the list has gotten two pages long with TODO's and I haven't crossed anything off page one AT ALL.
Please- by all that is holy - do me a freakin' favor and make Monday not a "monday" and this next week so sparkling sweet and energetic and productive that I want to do freakin' cartwheels down the street! Seriously, something has got to give. We DO NOT want me taking this into my own hands. And pass the GOOD WEEK blessings to my Sweetest Friends as well. They need it and I need them. DEAL? GOOD.


  1. I think we've got the blahs because it's been nothing but hard work and push around here for the past four or five months. All of a sudden, we have space to breathe a little, and we aren't running on adrenaline any longer. I know that's my problem. Maybe the sunshine will help us?!

  2. We can only hope Sweet friend.


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