Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To Be

I am always more than happy to share, if asked by others, what and why I believe what I believe.
 At one time I was much more vocal- solicited or not- but I have of late become more of an observer and less of a contributor to the debates. Partly, because stupid people tick me off and I’d rather not talk to them at all than try to sway their idiotic brains; and also, because I’ve learned that 1.) to listen gives me the opportunity to gain information and insight I may not have had before as well as time to ruminate over it before responding and 2.) better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it.

So, at risk of making #2 a reality, I step off into the wild blue yonder and state that recent intolerance has spurred me forward to make a statement. Writing someone off as unacceptable because of a label; black, white; poor, rich; liberal, conservative; southern, yankee; Muslim, Christian, Athiest; man, woman; child, adult; gay, straight; married, divorced; Jew,Palastinian; without learning anything about the person behind the label makes just about as much sense as it would to decide you can never read any book with the word 'AND' in the title.

We are not our parent's children. We are our own beings. We- our actions, thoughts, words and predjudices belong- to us. They are our own to define us, divide us or unite us. We are not victims, regardless of this current social climate, but we are the victimizers if we simply react because it is "how we were raised", "like that every where", "everyone is doing it", or " they are all like that, anyway". NO. Stop, look and listen. Stop seeing a color, a label, a creed or a symbol and see a person. A mother. A daugher. A son. A father. A sister, a brother. A student. A dreamer. Another human being. Period.
To Be
I'm your neighbor...
Your co-worker...
The person at the checkout.
I see you...
Do you see me?
You speak.
You ask, "How are you doing?"
But would you stop,
If I didn't answer
If I really answered...
What's on my mind?
That I'm tired.
Wanting to die.
Already dying...
Would you stop in your busy life to find out
Would you care to know I'm
scared to go home.
Or homeless.
Would you offer me refuge?
Am I just a figure in your day?
Some Automaton to make the process flow?
I need SO much to matter.
Don't you see?
See me?
See the individual that contributes to this life?
See ME.
Not my
But see me.
To know me.
To give me hope.
That my circumstances will not own me.
But know me.
Know that I am
Just as YOU are.
A Dreamer.
Who longs to Dream.
To belong.
To pursue Happiness.
To Be.

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