Wednesday, September 12, 2012


If you are at all a "Designing Women's" fan, you will have seen, and remembered the classic, RAY DON scene where she tears the creep a new one... I have new tears to rent.

Dear Ray Don:
     As shocking as it may be for you to realize; we brainless, witless, directionless females- who you seem to feel need your direction, guidance, criticism and assistance- manage to EVERYDAY, get ourselves to our jobs, pay our bills, service our autos, raise our children, manage contracts, assist our aging parents, and make other life changing and amazing decisions each and every day without a GLIMMER of your input.
   You like us, Ray Don, for our weaknesses. And you hone in on those in an effort to break us down. You befriend us. You are charming. Kind. Even complimentary and indulgent in your esteem building comments. And then you strike.  Because you want control.
  You, Ray Don, are the problem and not the solution. Bully for the woman who has built herself up enough to meet each and everyday with confidence in spite of the demons her walls keep out. You are a canker, Ray Don, in your sticky sweet infiltration of the walls; in your efforts to dominate and make her let go. And you don't get it Ray Don, in more ways than the vernacular.
  Giving in, to her confidence of control, is the key to her letting go.   Only then will she feel safe, and trust enough to open the the gate, and let down the drawbridge.
  But you won't ever, ever get that Ray Don.   And maybe, that is a very, very good thing.

-JSB, jr.

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