Thursday, March 17, 2011

Legacy Revisited

 Thinking about my grandmother yesterday got me thinking about my mother. And about all of the things I've learned from her and carry of her with me. I love my mom. She is awesome.
 The first adjective that pops into my head is respect. I truly respect my mother. She has been the center of my universe; my primary source of information, support and refuge; my rock. In first grade, my teacher told Mom , "Emily says, 'my Mother' like most people say, 'My God'. " And my mom can say "Emily Jane!" and I still jump. Right at attention, wanting to know what I did wrong or what is needed RIGHT NOW!
  My Mother is the Mother of all Mothers. She Mothers EVERYONE. And they LOVE it. Everyone around her knows Ms.Pat is the source of good things. Good advice, stories, jokes, love.  I know I have learned this nurturing attitude. This scoop up anyone who needs help. Give and don't worry about the return, from my Mom.
 In as much as I resemble my Grandmother, many of the checks and balances of myself come from my mother. Knowing to curb my temper. Knowing to wait and watch. Knowing to give and not keep a tally of what is due back. Forgiveness. Trust. Faith. Strength.
 Strength. That is something we seem to have in abundance. And it is passed from one to the other like our crooked chins. We loose babies, and husbands, and jobs and friends-and yet we still ARE, somehow. THAT strength I learned, I witnessed, I have drawn and I own through my mother, through her mother and on. It is a blessing. It sometimes feels like a curse when you just want to crawl into a hole and give up- but it won't let you. You BELONG to STRONG WOMEN. GET UP.
You are Pat's Daughter! You are Betty Lee's Granddaughter! You can do anything!
Thank you, my mother. For teaching me to be a good person and mom. For always loving me. For the honor of being your daughter. I truly adore you and thank God for you.

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