Monday, September 20, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Suffer...

****See bottom for recent update to DADT vote.

   Recently, there has been a number of occurrences, bringing the current Evangelical Inquisition to task. Anne Rice has decided that tho she still embraces Christ, she will no longer allow herself to be called a "christian" as she does not wish to be saddled with the groups that perform such despicable acts of hate and intolerance as she has so recently witnessed against gay, lesbian and atheist members of society. I am pressed to agree with Michael Rowe who wrote "Anne Rice has never been more Christian" (i.e. Christ like). I also agree whole heartedly  with Anne. And it breaks my heart. I cannot and will not be a member of this current Cult of Hate.
    On Tuesday, September 21,2010, the Senate will attempt to break John McCain's filibuster which is currently blocking a repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell". This law is dubious at best. It allows for intrigue, hear say and blackmail in order to discharge soldiers who are diligently fighting for their country and following the law, yet become targets of anti-gay individuals who use whatever means they can to have the individual discharged.  Basically the law (which was set up to "protect" homosexual soldiers if they kept their sexual orientation to themselves)now makes being homosexual a crime. The law is not being enforced properly, but is being twisted and used against the soldiers it was set up to protect. It needs to be revoked. Americans are fighting for America. That is all. And that needs to be all. Period.  Lady Gaga has a Public Service Announcement that very succinctly spells it all out:

 As she said, they are not asking for you to give a vote for the moral implications of their actions, only to be fair regarding the protection of all Americans.

     This brings me to the other issue. Marriage. Just fix the freakin law. If it makes you happy, write in Covenant Marriage is a marriage between a man and a woman. Marriage is the joining of two previous separate entities, (be it businesses, countries, organizations, people, etc. ) that join to become one, combining resources, assets, liabilities and performance.  PERIOD.
     Allowing two people to marry who love each other is simply allowing them the same civil rights that any married couple receives.  The right to inheritance. The right to be present during health issues and to make decisions. The right to share insurance. The right to raise children. The right of joint ownership. The right of credit. The right of joint distinction. The right of rights.
    How would you feel if the person you have loved for 20 years is suddenly sick, in the hospital and their family has shut you out. You aren't allowed in the hospital room, aren't allowed to make the vital health decisions that the two of you talked about for years. Decisions the family doesn't know about. You know everything about your loved one. You know all the meds, history, everything. But you are out- and it's perfectly legal.  Worst case scenario- they die. You come home from work and find that the locks on the house have been changed, and there is a suit case on the front porch with a letter attached telling you that the possessions of the home are under protection of probate and once the estate is settled by the family you will be contacted as to when you will be allowed back in.
You are not allowed to help with the funeral.
You have to read in the paper when it is and aren't included in the obit.
You are basically now homeless (but you still pay the mortgage cause your name is also on the note), living out of a suitcase and you have lost your love.
This is a nightmare lived by Gay and Lesbian partners all the time.
Now before you say, "well, that's what they get for living in sin."
Think. If you were in the same position, not married but living with your love (for whatever reason) how would you feel? Would you want to be shut out of the life you had built? And the Law is not on your side? They can even freeze your joint banking account.
       These people are ASKING for VALIDATION of their lives. They are not asking for free handouts. Not asking for debit cards or money or homes or bailouts. They are just asking to be allowed to live, unharrassed.  They simply want what everyone else has. They want to have the option of FAMILY INSURANCE. They want the option of one person working at home and one working in the field. They want the option of being a family. They want the right to just be. And its no ones business if they are Gay, Lesbian, Straight or Vulcan, Black, White, or Green. They live on this planet and breathe this air and were born AMERICAN. ALL Americans should have ALL of the rights and privileges of EVERY other AMERICAN. Unless they forfeit those rights by treason or another alienating crime. But who you sleep with isn't criminal as long as you are all adults. Please remember the more rights we deny one group, the more rights will be denied others. Its a vicious cycle, but one that occurs, because voters will vote vengeance.  But when we stop feeling with hate and stop thinking with contempt; we can change this world. We can turn it around. We can start making it FAIR. Fair is so close you can just reach out and touch it. It just means turning our backs on the past, and putting ourselves in the present.

UPDATE: They let us down. The Legislature failed to meet the expectations of the people and bailed on the opportunity to vote on repealing DADT. Basically they wimped out. They didn't want to deal with it and in order to make it less appealing Harry Reid attached a provision that really brought out the Republican anti-vote on this: "an immigration measure that would create a path to citizenship for certain illegal aliens who arrived in the United States as children." 
So two things need to happen. First we must refuse to rehire these people who refuse to actually work for us. And second, we must require a mandate be passed that earmarks are illegal. CLEAN BILLS must be required. If it is a DADT then it is solid and only for DADT. If you want a immigration measure, then it must be clean and clear for immigration. No piggie backs, no ear marks, just plain, clean legislation. PERIOD.
Call your legislators today and let them know that in as much as they voted for DADT you will be voting for them. Its only fair and you consider it your 'CIVIL' duty.


  1. A famous playwright (Tony Kushner) wrote, "The world only spins forward." Sometimes I wonder: does it? If history repeats itself, perhaps it is not enough to spin forward. Perhaps molds must be broken and times and people must change to prevent mistakes from coming 'round again, like knots in a bad tire.

    Your words reveal your passion and your heart, and I commend you for both. Not enough in the majority are willing to go out on the proverbial limb to speak for those who are denigrated and demoralized. For those precious firebrands like yourself? Those in the minority thank you. *I* thank you.

    Christ admonished the Pharisees, in the midst of their preparation to stone a woman (but bizarrely *not* the man, in a practice that is no longer done by Christians, I should perhaps pointlessly point out) for another biblical-condemned behaviour, adultery -- "Let whomever among you is without sin cast the first stone." If one practices this faith and honors the words of the Son of a God, then I wonder -- deeply and repeatedly -- why this world isn't perfection itself with all these perfectly sinless creatures walking around.

    Oh, yeah. No one is sinless. So put the stones down. Live your own lives. And let everyone, all of us sinners, find their way. It's what Christ commanded. Where's the disconnect?

  2. Beautifully stated Deb.
    Thank YOU for being my Friend. I just wish others would get it before its all too late.

  3. I would say that "Don't ask, don't tell" was a necessary step in the process since it has brought us to this point from the total ban of gays in the military. It has outlived its usefulness, but incrementalism is generally the way to win. If civil unions had become the law of the land then it would be easier to transition to gay marriage and that is part of the problem right now. It will take some time to make that leap for people as younger more tolerant people become able to vote and serve in political office.


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