Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Table for One

Ok. So I piddled around in one of those "single mingle" sites a few days ago. OMG! NO! NO! NO! HELL EFFING NO! and a RESOUNDING NO! I hope you understand that I didn't quite dig it.

First, let me explain that I went on as anonymous as possible. Used a pseudonym, didn't post a picture, didn't really list a lot about myself, just basic likes and ice breaker questions; so maybe I wasn't being fair. But OMG. What the rubbish net drug in. There's a reason some of these folks are on this site. The only time they see the light of day is when there is a casting call for Larry the Cable Guy's next movie and they need extras for 'family'. Some of these guys looked like their favorite meal was roadkill. And their most recent meal was Cellblock 4 Blue Plate Special.

Last night I had nightmares about going out with one of these woohas and hearing the girl on the speaker at TasteeFreeze ask "do you want fries with that" and hearing Slingblade Boy answer "mmmmhmmm".

So basically, this has pretty much done it for me. When I closed out my account the auto(don't go yet) message asked me, "Are you sure? What about these Hot Guys, who sent you messages." and up popped next weeks lineup for the central Arkansas Meth-Lab sting. "Delete".

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