Wednesday, October 21, 2009

getting my fix

So I've read all but the last two of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels. The ones that the "True Blood" tv series are roughly based around.

I haven't seen the show, but I am addicted to the books like a dopehead is to crack. Seriously. That's what we (me and my circle of friends that read them and share the books) call it, Crack Lit. When I first started reading them, just having the books one at a time wasn't fast enough. I had to know what came next. And borrowing them from my friend, or waiting for her to finish the book she'd borrowed from the library JUST DIDN'T CUT IT! So I started buying. Buying two at a time. And now, that is all that are left. Just two. I've been holding out on getting them until the itch is just so much that it's gonna just be so VERY delicious to give in. I'm just about there...just about.


  1. I can't profess any exposure to the books. My only experience with the characters has been by way of the first few HBO episodes, and for whatever reasons, it just didn't snag me.

    I'm not sure if I should be *glad* for your love of them or not. Addictions aren't pretty. And I say that from one junkie to another. :)

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  3. From what I understand, the show isn't quite true to the books and take a lot of creative license with their plot direction. But the books kickbutt. The Author is from and lives in Arkansas. My boss knows her and can't say enough nice things about her. This November, a group of us (mostly the "CrackLit" bunch) are going to a talk she is giving and we are like giddy teens, we are so stoked.

    Addictions may not be pretty, but damn they are fun as hell. And right now, I have so little fun in my life, why the hell not?

  4. Life is short; live fully. You know my stance on that pretty well. In my world, you get one shot, so why waste any of it on something that's less than what you gotta have?


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