Friday, July 10, 2009

Dodging Bullets

So, lately I've been dealing with some health issues. Today was the first of a few tests to narrow the field at to what the primary, underlying problem is. Today was big bullet #1 day, and I totally dodged it! WHEW! and can I say WHEW! again.
 I have been a nervous wreck all week up to this point. Now I am relaxing just a wee bit, because this issue has been scratched off. This does not fix anything, relieve any of the pain or discomfort I am currently feeling, or actually satisfy the need for diagnosis. But, it does cancel out a major hurtle I did not want to have to face. I prayed, others prayed, my mother prayed (and probably threatened). All I can end with is I am grateful. So onward.....

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  1. Em! I had no idea you were wrestling with this, too! I hope that you get some relief soon.


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