Thursday, January 24, 2013


so today at work.....
   We had to explain to a grown woman that her dog (she found ), which is a female, would menstruate when in heat and what that would entail. She (the woman- not the dog) went into spasmodic fits , "OH, OH NO, Y'all are kidding me! Are y'all kidding me?" No, your dog is a mammal. Mammals have menses. They have to ovulate (and that will be when she is in heat).."They OVULATE? She does that too?" Yes..she is a mammal. The egg and the sperm work the same way in all mammals. "OMG! Are you serious! I didn't know any of this what are you trying to tell me?" 
  < big sigh >    When a man and a woman love each other.....

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