Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its Just Me

   Generally I wait until Easter for new year resolutions. But I have lots and lots and lots and lots of things going on that I seriously need to get a jump on.
Things to organize, avoid procrastinating, Undo, redo, just do, overdo, do up, do to, do do do, dobe dobe do...
You get the picture.
  Books and Scripts and Songs OHMY! Are running round and round in my head. I've gotta purge. And the only thing out there equivalant to COLON CLEANSE (but for the brain with writter's bloat) is, well, TO WRITE.
 So, that is this next year's agenda.
 To Wit: To WRITE.
But I must admit, the advice I am receiving regarding Books(that e-books are the way to go) leaves me cold. I want to write BOOKS. Not electronically, transmitted ,typed, entertainment, long-form. Books. HOLD in your hands, feel the paper become warm and scritch as you turn the leaves, BOOKS. They say e-books are where the money is. Well, paper print is where my words will be. PPPPFFFFFTTTTTTT.
I have several ideas (of which I plan to disclose NONE here.)
My scripts are all plays. ;) A movie adaptation to the stage. And two musicals.
I write songs all the time.
So 2011 - the year of Em the writer.
I'll blog too, so - don't worry... you'll hear all about it all.
Aren't you excited?

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